The cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) is a 1480 amino acid membrane bound glycoprotein with a molecular mass of 170,000. It is a member of the ATP binding cassette (ABC)superfamily of proteins. The protein is comprised of two, six span membrane bound regions each connected to a nuclear binding factor which binds ATP. Between these two units is an R-domain which is comprised of many charged amino acids. The R-domain is a unique feature of CFTR within the ABC superfamily.

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19 % of the CFTR protein make up the twelve transmembrane domains (M1 - M12). These domains have been shown to be comprised of typical a-helical secondary structure. Many of the residues within these regions form the channel lining residues and have a major role in the regulation of pore function. Six positively charged residues within the transmembrane domains [K95 (M1), R134 (M2), R334 (M6), K335 (M6), R347 (M6) and R1030 (M10] that are well conserved across species. Two of these are associated with mutations causing CF, R334Q/W and R347C/H/L/P.

The mutations happenning in MSD4 domain:

cDNA Name Protein Name Legacy Name Region Description Consequence
c.803delA p.Asn268IlefsX17 935delA exon 7 deletion of A at 935 frameshift
c.805_806delAT p.Ile269ProfsX4 936delTA exon 7 deletion of TA from 936 frameshift
c.812C>G p.Ser271Cys
c.825C>G p.Tyr275X exon 7
c.827_828delinsAA p.Cys276X
c.828C>A p.Cys276X C276X exon 7 C to A at 960 Cys to Stop at 276
c.829T>A p.Trp277Arg W277R exon 7 T to A at 961 Trp to Arg at 277
c.830G>A p.Trp277X
c.836_838delAAG p.Glu279del E278del exon 7 deletion of AAG from 965 deletion of Glu at 278
c.-236a>T promoter
c.837A>T p.Glu279Asp E279D exon 7 A to T at 969 Glu to Asp at 279
c.837A>T p.Glu279Asp E279D exon 7 A to T at 969 Glu to Asp at 279
c.842T>C p.Met281Thr M281T exon 7 T to C at 974 Met to Thr at 281
c.845_846insA p.Met284AsnfsX3 977insA exon 7 insertion of A after 977 frameshift
c.846A>T p.Glu282Asp E282D exon 7 978A>T
c.853A>T p.Ile285Phe I285F exon 7 A to T at 985 Ile to Phe at 285
c.857_858insA p.Asn287LysfsX21 989- 992insA exon 7 Insertion of A at 989- 992 Frameshift
c.859_863delAACTT p.Asn287LysfsX19 991del5 exon 7 deletion AACTT from 991 or CTTAA from 993 frameshift
c.859A>T p.Asn287Tyr N287Y exon 7 A to T at 991 Asn to Tyr at 287
c.861C>G p.Asn287Lys exon 7

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