Mutation Details for c.366T>A

cDNA Name c.366T>A 
Protein Name p.Tyr122X 
Exon or Intron exon 4 
Legacy Exon or Intron exon 4 
Legacy Name Y122X 
Other Details This mutation creates a MseI site, digestion of the PCR generated from primers 41-5 and 41-3 should yield 4 fragments for the normal sequence and 5 fragments for the mutant sequence. This mutation was detected in a French family from the Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) and is associated with haplotype The patient carrying this mutation is a five year old boy, and his other CF chromosome is [delta]F508. It is a PI patient. We tested 162 other non-[delta]F CF chromosomes and 60 normal chromosomes and we did not find another example of this mutation. 
Contributors Chevalier-Porst F, Mathieu M, Godet J   1990-10-15
Institute Hopital Debrousse Cedex, France 
Phenotype Information CFTR2
Reference Chevalier-Porst et al 1992 

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  • Bienvenu T, Cartault F, Lesure F, Renouil M, Beldjord C, Kaplan JC   A splicing mutation in intron 16 of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene, associated with severe disease, is common on Reunion Island.   1996 005-006;46(3):168-71
  • Claustres M, Desgeorges M, Kjellberg P, Tissot C, Demaille J   Analysis of 30 known cystic fibrosis mutations: 10 mutations account for 27% of non-delta F508 chromosomes in southern France.   1992 012;90(4):464-6
  • Claustres M, Desgeorges M, Moine P, Morral N, Estivill X   CFTR haplotypic variability for normal and mutant genes in cystic fibrosis families from southern France.   1996 009;98(3):336-44
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